Artist Statement


I am a sculptor who continually experiments with new techniques in order to create quirky, abstract artworks that explore fundamental design properties.  I draw inspiration from the visual language of obsolescence – from antique dress forms to vernacular barn roofs to railroad oil cans.  I use sketching to investigate the essence of forms without working out every detail on paper.  I take ideas that excite me into the studio and let them grow through improvisation as I embrace the unforeseen possibilities that arise when building by hand.  My sculptures thus embrace a raw, awkward sensibility that emerges through their making.  They are often asymmetrical, quirky, and animated.  I complement my intuitive form-making process with great attention to detail.  I employ labor-intensive metal fabrication and woodworking techniques to realize challenging compound-complex curves, angular geometries, and the intersection of disparate volumes.  The individuality of each sculpture is reflected in its surface finish.  For some, I use a singular color to unify a complex design and bring forth shadows on facets and edges.  For others, I utilize controlled surface imperfections that recall the randomness of natural weathering processes and patinas of use.  Metal oxidation, layers of burnished paint, and repetitive tool markings suggest histories not fully available to the viewer.  My finished sculptures are striking, idiosyncratic objects that capture the tension between the spontaneity of the artistic process and the restraint of meticulous craftsmanship.