Artist Statement


I create animated abstractions, lyrical yet succinct forms that surprise viewers with complex geometries and jaunty stances.  My sculptures capture the tension between the spontaneity of the imagination and the restraint of meticulous craftsmanship.  For me, sculpture is problem-solving: engagement with the material world and the resistance and affordances it provides.  I enter the studio with sketches but no preconceived solutions; rather, I embrace the unforeseen possibilities that arise when building by hand.  My sculptures thus embrace a raw, awkward sensibility that emerges through their making.  I complement my intuitive form-making process with great attention to detail.  I employ labor-intensive metal fabrication and woodworking techniques to realize challenging compound-complex curves, angular geometries, and the intersection of disparate volumes.  I continually experiment with materials and techniques to express new possibilities, creating an eclectic oeuvre united by my engagement with formal abstraction.